Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives Tinted lithograph printed by Day & Son, after David Roberts, published about 1855. (The print is titled "Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives" but the view is actually from a point more toward Mt. Scopus. In David Robert's original lithograph series this scene was titled "Jerusalem from the Road to Bethany.")

From Past to Present

The photo at the left was taken from the viewpoint on Mt. Scopus just below the Hebrew University. It was taken in July 2000 and shows the east side of Temple Mount. The Lion's Gate (also known as St. Stephen's Gate) is at the far right. The Golden Gate is toward the center of the photo, below and to the left of the Dome of the Rock. The valley is the Kidron Valley and the Garden of Gethsemene is in the lower left. The spire of Absolom's Tomb is just visible at the far left edge . The Lion's Gate, Golden Gate and Absolom's Tomb are in the same relative positions in the David Roberts print above, although the wider-angle view puts Absolom's Tomb just left of center.

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