Jerusalem, The Church of the Purification A David Roberts original Standard Edition lithograph, published between 1842 and 1849. Originally uncoloured, this print was hand coloured by Medina Arts, Seattle, WA and is in the author's collection. The colouring was based on an original, hand-coloured RSE version of the same print in the Library of Congress.

The view is from the southeast looking across the Kidron Valley at the southeast corner and south wall of Temple Mount. The large dark building at the top center of the drawing is the Dome of the Rock. The Triple Gate is visible along the south wall just below the Dome of the Rock.

The Church of the Purification print was used by Medina Arts to create a poster for an exhibit of David Roberts First Edition prints at the Davidson Galleries in Seattle.

The exhibit was open during June and July, 2004.

Tinted David Roberts lithograph of the Church of the Purification printed by Day & Son and published about 1855. These later edition lithographs were roughly 1/4 the size of the First Edition originals and are called "Quatros."

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