The Thirty Seven Trains We Rode

... in England, Scotland, France, Switzerland and Germany during the Summer of 1997

Trains Listed by Route and Railway (see key, below, for abbreviations)

Maps of the UK, northern France, Switzerland and southern Germany show our route of travel. The heavy red line indicates travel by train (the heavy blue line indicates travel by rental car).

June 27

July 1

July 3

July 4

July 7

July 8

July 10

July 11

July 12

Narrow guage cog railroads were used on July 13 and 14 to go into the mountains south of Interlaken (the Bernese Oberland). A map of the Jungfrau Railways shows the individual lines such as BOB, WAB, etc.

July 13

July 14

July 15

July 16

July 17

Key to Railway Abbreviations, including Links to Railway Websites


  1. RER is the Paris suburban railway system.
  2. Vernon is the rail station for Giverny, location of Monet's Garden.
  3. Change from French to Swiss railways at Basel, Switzerland.
  4. The BOB, WAB and JB are all Jungfrau Region lines.
  5. The Andermatt to Disentis-Muster portion is part of the Glacier Express route.
  6. The RhB lines are part of the Glacier Express route.
  7. Sargans is a Swiss rail junction near the Switzerland-Liechtenstein-Austria border.
  8. St. Margrethen is a rail junction in northeast Switzerland.
  9. This was a Zurich to Prague train named the "Albert Einstein." Change from Swiss to German railways at Lindau, Germany (after passing through the northwest corner of Austria). Kempten is in southwest Germany between Lindau and Munich.

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