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Virtual Tour of Ventura County: Oxnard

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Oxnard (SP, VC)

Tom VanWormer was in Oxnard in early Spring 1964 and has provided several views of the produce industry. The first photo shows boxes of cabbage being loaded on a PFE mechanical reefer parked next to a vegetable packing plant.

Tom VanWormer photo, used by permission.

Coupled to the reefer is Ventura County Railway (VCR) #3, a Whicomb side-rod driven locomotive built in 1944. At the left is a hopper for loading waste vegetables into trucks for use as fertilizer. The next photo shows a close-up of the boxes of cabbage on the bed of the delivery truck (Photo-TVW), followed by close-up views of the Whitcomb locomotive (Photo-TVW) and the waste vegetable loader (Photo-TVW). Finally, we see a string of PFE ice reefers being loaded from a mechanical icing machine at the Union Ice Company plant

plus a close-up view of the machine and two workmen on top of a reefer (Photo-TVW).

The following photos were taken by the author in June 2001. The first photos show the Boskovitch Farms produce processing plant on the east side of Oxnard, just south of the UP (ex-SP) coast line. This photo is looking east from the north entrance (Photo-JL). The track in the foreground leads to a second loading dock. The second photo looks west from the north entrance toward the second loading dock (Photo-JL). There were no rail cars visible at the plant.

Just south of the Ventura County Railway shops is a small industrial area bounded on the west by Factory Lane, on the north by Warehouse Avenue, and on the east by Industrial Avenue. How's that for a well named industrial location? On the Industrial Avenue side was a (former?) packing house. This photo shows the loading dock from the north (Warehouse Avenue) side (Photo-JL). This photo shows the loading dock from the opposite end (Photo-JL). On the Factory Lane side was a plastic factory the had been receiving pellets by rail (Photo-JL). By June 2000 the pellets were shipped in by truck.

Nearby was this Union Ice Company trailer (Photo-JL). It appeared to be out of service.

This photo shows the former SP Oxnard station (Photo-JL). Adjacent to the station was a former Pacific Motor Transport (PMT) freight house (Photo-JL).

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