Historic Packing Houses and Other Industrial Structures in Southern California

Photo Credits and Restrictions

Copyright 2002 by James E. Lancaster, Ph.D.

Many photos are presented inline with the text. However, most photos, drawings, maps and track diagrams are viewed by clicking on the related link, e.g., (Photo-JL), (Drawing-HH), etc.

Please note that all photos, drawings, maps and track diagrams that open via links appear in a separate web browser window.

Credits: The photos, drawings, and maps that open via links are credited as follows:

  • Photo-JL: Photos by James Lancaster
  • Photo-DL: Photos by Darrel Lansing
  • Photo-WM: Photos by William Messecar
  • Photo-CP: Photos by Clifford Prather
  • Photo-JS: Photos by John Signor
  • Photo-TAHS: Photos copied from the Tustin Area Historical Society
  • Photo-TVW: Photos by Tom VanWormer
  • Photo-HH, Drawing-HH: Photos and drawings from the HABS/HAER website
  • Map-SM: Maps from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps website

The photos credited to James Lancaster and William Messecar are Copyright 2002 and may not be reproduced without permission. The photos credited to Darrel Lansing, Clifford Prather, John Signor and Tom VanWormer are used by permission and may not be reproduced without permission from the respective owner.