Union Pacific Trains 457 and 458

Seattle, WA

June 1965 - April 1969

Train 457, the morning pool train between Portland and Seattle, approaches Seattle's Union Station in June 1965 under catenary formerly used by the Milwaukee Road. An F-unit and two GP9 B-units was typical power for summer operations when all of the UP's E-units were needed for the transcontinental Streamliner fleet. From 1955 until early 1966 this train carried the through Seattle cars from SP's Cascade.

Ten months later in April 1966 E-units bring train 457 into Seattle. 1966 was the last year for operation of an RPO on this train.

Another F-unit/Geep combination idles on the locomotive servicing track on the east side of Union Station in July 1967. The unusual UP-style pilot plow probably indicates that this unit spent the winter in a much harsher climate.

This 1967 view looks across the Union Station platforms from the Fourth Avenue South overpass. Train 458's cars are waiting for the 5:00 PM departure while the power idles on the servicing track.

The clock is approaching 5:00 PM and Train 458 is ready to depart for Portland in 1967.

The train pulls away from Union Station. Behind the two E-units are (1) express box car, (2) lightweight baggage car, (3) modernized chair car (500-series), (4) and (5) lightweight chair cars (ex-Challenger cars), (6) lightweight lounge, and (7) lightweight lunch counter-diner. Out of view were at least two more lightweight and one more modernized chair cars.

It's April 1969 and Train 457 is down to just six cars: (1) baggage, (2) Milwaukee Road baggage-dormitory, (3) dome chair car, (4) chair car, (5) lunch counter-diner, and (6) chair. This was essentially the head end of the City of Portland operating through to Seattle.

As 5:00 PM nears a short Train 458 is ready to depart for Portland. In two years the arrival of Amtrak would eliminate this train.

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