UP Challenger 3985

Cajon Pass to San Bernardino

Sunday August 6, 2000

Photos Copyright 2000 by James E. Lancaster

The westbound special UP train comes through the big curve on the north track just above Highway 138. Most of us were waiting near the south track and had to scramble for our photos when we realized the dispatcher had put the train on the north track. (The north track is normally used for uphill, eastbound trains.)

The steamer and helper crossing the bridge just north of Highway 138.

3985 enters the turn leading to Blue Cut.

The following three photos were taken at Verdemont, just north of San Bernardino. The grade crossing is Palm Ave.

The next two photos show the train passing through the sharp curve into the San Bernardino station.

The final two photos show the train from the rear as it stops in front of the San Bernardino station (notice the MetroLink trains) and the crew servicing the locomotive during the stop.

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