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The title scene of SP #1, the westbound Sunset Limited, meeting SP #4, the eastbound Golden State Limited, near Beaumont, California in the early 1950s, is from an original watercolor by the late Ernie Towler.

Vintage Railroad Virtual Photo Gallery

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all photos are by James E. Lancaster and are Copyright 1998, 1999, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2019. Also, each photo or set of photos opens as a separate web page. Photos added in the last update are identified by the icon.

  • Steve Delano Photo Albums
    • Orange County - SP Tustin Branch, PE in Orange, SP in Anaheim
    • Inland Empire - ATSF, UP and SP in Riverside, Highgrove and Pedley
  • Southern Pacific

    The first sets of photos are from other photographers.

    • Cascade at Oakland 16th Street Station in the mid-1960s. (Photo)
    • Heavyweight Passenger Cars. (Photos)
    • Freight Train Wreck on the Sunset-Golden State Route, Late-1940s. (Photos)
    • Plane Crash and SP Steam Locomotive, New Mexico, Late-1940s. (Photo)
    • Sacramento Daylight, Lathrop, CA, 8/48. (Photo)
    • Golden State Limited, Nicklin (near Beaumont), CA, 5/48. (Photo)
    • Mission Road Coach Yard, Los Angeles, CA, Early 1950s. Part 1. (Nine Photos)
    • Mission Road Coach Yard, Los Angeles, CA, Early 1950s. Part 2. (Five Photos)
    • Shasta Daylight, Dunsmuir, CA, Early 1950s. (Photo)
    • Argonaut, Alhambra, CA, Mid-1950s. (Photo)

    The following are some of my own favorite SP photos that I took between December, 1963 and September, 1979.

    • Sunset Limited, Houston, TX, 12/63. (Two Photos)
    • New ALCo Century 628s, Colton, CA, 5/64. (Photo)
    • Niland Stub Train, Colton, CA, 5/64. (Two Photos )
    • Coast Daylight, San Luis Obispo, CA, 1/65. (Four Photos)
    • Combined Sunset/Golden State, Colton, CA, 9/65. (Five Photos
    • Shasta Daylight, Chemult, OR, 8/66. (Photo)
    • Combined Sunset/Golden State, Los Angeles, CA, 7/67. (Photo)
    • Taylor Yard, Los Angeles, CA, 7/67. (Photo)
    • SP & NP F-Units, Seattle, WA, 8/67. (Four Photos)
    • City of San Francisco, Richmond, CA, 3/68. (Four Photos)
    • PRS Excursion, Caliente, CA 4/68. (Three Photos)
    • Mission Road Coach Yard, Los Angeles, CA, 5/68. (Photo)
    • Lark and Shasta Daylight Triple Unit Diners, Houston, TX, 8/70. (Two Photos)
    • Official cars, 12/63, 4/68 and 8/70. (Four Photos)
    • City of San Francisco, Sparks, NV, 2/71. (Four Photos)
    • Last San Joaquin Daylight, Delano, CA, 4/30/71. (Four Photos)
    • Common Standard Station, Lone Pine, CA, 3/74 and 4/98. (Six Photos)
    • Wooden (Possibly PFE) Reefer Body, Indio, CA, 1/76. (Two Photos)
    • MoW Cars, Beaumont, CA, Spring 1976. (Nine Photos)
    • Seaboard Coast Line Demonstrators, Cajon Pass, CA, 11/77. (Four Photos)
    • SP and UP Powered Freight, Cajon Pass, CA, 7/78. (Photo)
    • ALCo Century 628s, Colton Tower, CA, 7/78. (Photo)
    • Locomotive Deadline, Los Angeles, CA, 7/79. (Five photos)
    • Huntington Beach Local, Huntington Beach, CA, 9/79. (Photo)

  • Union Pacific
    • Pullmans, East Los Angeles, CA, early-1950s. (Three Photos)
    • Train of Tomorrow Cars, Seattle, WA, early-1950s. (Three Photos)
    • Portland Seattle Pool Trains 457-458, Seattle, WA, 6/65-4/69. (Eight Photos)
    • Side-Door Caboose, Cheyenne, WY, 6/65. (Photo)
    • Cajon Pass, CA, 1964 (Photo Gallery)
    • San Bernardino, CA, 1964-65 (Photo Gallery)
    • Freight Power, Seattle, WA, 1967. (Two Photos)
    • City of Denver, Fort Morgan, CO, 12/67. (Photo)
    • Portland Rose, Pocatello, ID, 9/68. (Photo)
    • Heavily Weathered Caboose, Seattle, WA, 1/79. (Photo)

  • Great Northern          A virtual gallery of B&W photos of passenger and freight trains
  • Northern Pacific
    • Passenger Train in Auburn WA, 1952 or 53 (Photo)
    • EMD FTs, Sumas, WA, 4/66. (Photo)
    • North Coast Limited, Seattle, WA, 7/67. (Photo)

  • Milwaukee Road
    • My grandfather, James H. Wilson (1866-1959), was involved in building the Milwaukee Road bridge across the Columbia River at Beverly, WA in 1908. I've created a web page with photos taken during the construction period. They were passed down to me from my grandmother. (Bridge Construction Photos)
    • Olympian Hiawatha, Seattle, WA, Early-1950s. (Photo)
  • Skagit River Railway

  • Santa Fe

  • Railway Express Agency
    • Ex-Troop Sleeper Rebuilt To Express Refrigerator Car, Early 1950s. (Photo)
    • REA Step Van, Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, 11/75. (Photo)
    • Ex-REA Step Van, Seattle, WA, 8/79. (Photo)

  • Speciality Cars
    • Chateau Martin Wine Cars of the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. (Photo Gallery)

  • Amtrak (Santa Fe and Southern Pacific)
    • San Diegan/Coast Starlight, Los Angeles, CA, 6/71. (Photo)
    • San Diegan/Coast Starlight, Santa Ana, CA, 7/71. (Three Photos)

Contemporary Railroad Virtual Photo Gallery

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all photos are by James E. Lancaster and are Copyright 1998, 1999 and 2002. Also, each photo or set of photos opens as a separate web page.

  • Europe
    • Eurostar, Waterloo Station, London, UK, 7/97. (Photo)

  • Then and Now: Great Northern and Amtrak
    • International, 1950-51, and Mt. Baker International, 3/1/99, Ferndale, WA. (Six Photos)

  • ATSF 3751 to Railfair
    • Follow ATSF 3751 from Fullerton to Cajon, 6/13/99 (Six Photos)

  • Amtrak Southwest Chief and UP 3985 on Cajon Pass
    • Amtrak Southwest Chief on Cajon Pass, 8/6/00 (Four Photos)
    • Follow UP 3985 down Cajon Pass to San Bernardino, 8/6/00 (Ten Photos)

  • SP 4449 at SPH&TS Convention

Railroad-Related Virtual Photo Galleries

Model Railroading

I'm building a moderate size HO scale model railroad based on the Southern Pacific Railroad as a prototype. Click here to visit the Los Angeles and San Diego Model Railroad.

Historical Societies
  • I'm a founding member of the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society (Member #6). The society publishes a quarterly magazine named TRAINLINE to which I occasionally contribute an article on passenger trains.
  • I'm also a member of the following:

    • Union Pacific Historical Society
    • Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society
    • Great Northern Railway Historical Society 

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