James E. Lancaster, Ph.D.
These views are from the west side of the Mount of Olives, looking across the Kidron Valley at Temple Mount and the Old City, with newer West Jerusalem in the distance.

The photo from 1952 (above, left) was taken from somewhere above the Garden of Gethsemene. The Dome of the Rock (upper left) had a very different look then than it does now. The Golden Gate is mostly hidden behind the trees in the left center of the photo. The road leading up to the Lion's Gate is visible at the right center between the trees and the Old City wall.

The "Now" photo was taken from in front of the Dominus Flevit church in June 1990. This view is from higher on the side of the Mount of Olives and more to the south than the 1952 photo. The higher vantage point provides a clear view of the Golden gate just below the center of the photo.

There are two significant changes between the two photos. First is the Dome of the Rock which in 1990 has a restored exterior and an anodized aluminum dome. Second is the distant skyline with the many high rise buildings built over the intervening 38 years.

View larger versions of the 1952 and 1990 photos:

The 1952 photo was taken by Dr. Marshall Welles. The 1990 photo is by the author. Photos may be reproduced only with the consent of the author.