James E. Lancaster, Ph.D.
These views show show the Ecce Homo Arch along the lower part of the Via Dolorosa. They were taken from west of the arch looking east toward the Mount of Olives.

The only noticeable change between the 1964 photo (above, left), the 1992 photo (center), and the 1995 photo (right), is the presence of an additional rooftop structure above and to the right of the arch in the two most recent photos.

The Ecce Homo (i.e., "behold the man") arch is near the beginning of the Via Dolorosa (i.e., "Way of Sorrows") that marks the traditional route which Jesus walked on the way to Calvary (as observed by the Latin church). At one time the arch was believed to be the site where Pilate pronounced judgement on Jesus, thus the name. However, most archaeologists now believe the arch dates to the time of Hadrian, about a century after the crucifixion.

View larger versions of the 1964, 1992 and 1995 photos:

The 1964 photo was taken by Dr. Marshall Welles. The 1992 and 1995 photos are by the author.
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