James E. Lancaster, Ph.D.

This collection of photographs compares selected archaeological and religious sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Capernaum, showing how they looked in 1952 and 1964 and how they look now in the 1990s.

All of the 1952 and 1964 photos were taken by Dr. Marshall Welles. Dr. Welles served as a medical missionary in the orient both before and after World War II (he and his family spent part of the war in a Japanese POW camp in the Phillipines). Twice (1952 and 1964) he and his family traveled between the orient and the US via the middle east and visited Jordan, the West Bank and Israel, including the Old City of Jerusalem.

The 1952 photos are preserved as thick, glass mount slides while those from 1964 are regular, cardboard mount slides from Kodak. All of the slides were scanned onto a Kodak Photo CD and the images edited with Adobe PhotoDeluxe. The images from the glass mount slides showed some deterioration and required considerable cleanup to remove blemishes. (The glass of one of the slides was also cracked and is visible in the scanned image. See the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.)

Unless otherwise indicated, all recent photos are by the author. All Then and Now photos are Copyright 1998 and may be reproduced only with the consent of the author.

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