Ferndale, Washington

1950-51 and March 1, 1999

Photos Copyright 1999 by H. William Lancaster and James E. Lancaster

My brother photographed the nearly new southbound GN International as it passed through the broad, elevated curve in Ferndale in either 1950 or 1951. Just ahead is the bridge over the Nooksack River.

I photographed the new Amtrak Mount Baker International as it came off the same curve on a rainy March 1, 1999, just five days after it went into service. The Talgo train is northbound with a cab and baggage unit (a cabbage) on the front end and a locomotive pushing on the rear end. The building at the right hand side of the photo is part of Ferndale Grain, whose elevator shows in the 1950 photo. Ferndale Grain now occupies an entire long block along the siding that drops down from the main line.

The following four photos show additional views of the Mount Baker International as it passed by. Notice the radical fins on the first and last cars. These are cosmetic only and were added to blend the low level Talgo cars with the higher locomotives and cab cars.

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