Steve Delano's Inland Empire Photos
Pedley, Highgrove and Grand Terrace

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All photos on this page were taken by Steve Delano.

Santa Fe in Riverside, 1969

In the photo below, a westbound Santa Fe freight behind relatively new SD45s is shown crossing 7th Street and passing in front of the Santa Fe's Riverside depot. In the distance on the right is the National Orange Sunkist packing house with several SFRD ice reefers spotted on the track in Pachappa Avenue. For more photos and information on the National Orange packing house click here.

Another westbound Santa Fe freight behind an SD24 is seen a little south of the Riverside depot. In the distance on the right are more businesses along Pachappa Avenue.

The next photo shows the Santa Fe scale house and track
. The Riverside depot is at the far left and National Orange is in the distance on the right.


Southern Pacific boxcars and a Santa Fe mechanical reefer are shown in the small Santa Fe yard  in Riverside.

A Northern Pacific trailer and an unidentified trailer rest on an 89' trailer flat car, probably waiting to be off loaded.

The tower shown below protected the Pacific Electric crossing of the ATSF 3rd District mainline at Riverside Junction.

Union Pacific in Riverside and Pedley

Unless otherwise noted, all of the UP photos in Riverside were taken in 1969. In the first, a geep heads up a UP local in Riverside.

The photo below shows the local's caboose.

An operator gives train orders to the engineer of a DD35.

Cattle cars used to transport hogs from the midwest to the Clougherty Packing Company in Los Angeles are seen in front of the UP's Riverside depot. Clougherty Packing was famous for their 'Farmer John' hot dogs.

A dome lounge car on the eastbound City of Los Angeles is seen in front of UP's Riverside depot.

A local was photographed passing through the trees near Pedley in March 1979.

Southern Pacific in Highgrove and Grand Terrace
In the photo below, a Riverside local is shown shoving across De Berry Street in Grand Terrace on its way to Riverside in 1991. The Barton Road overpass is visible in the background.

A short time later the same local as in the previous photo shoves across the Santa Fe San Jacinto Branch diamond in southeast Highgrove.

In the final photo below, the same local crosses Palmyrita Avenue in the southeast part of Highgrove on its return trip to Colton. Note the wig-wag crossing protection.

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