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SP Tustin Branch, PE in Orange & SP in Anaheim

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With one noted exception, all photos on this page were taken by Steve Delano in 1968-69 using a Kodak Instamatic camera. Steve grew up in Orange, CA.

Southern Pacific Tustin Branch

The Southern Pacific Tustin Branch left the SP's Santa Ana Branch in Anaheim; went east to Villa Park crossing both the Santa Fe Fourth District main line from Los Angeles to San Diego and the Santa Fe Olive Sub between Orange and Atwood on the Third District; then south to Tustin (see the Tustin Packing House web page).

In the photo below, SP SW8 1125 crosses Collins Avenue in northeast Orange headed toward Villa Park in 1968.
The Orange fire station is to the right. (The original photo had developing fluid, or something similar, splashed on it by the film processor. It has been partially restored using Photoshop.)

 Steve Delano photo.

The next photo was not taken by Steve but is from the Orange County Archives. It shows the intersection of Wanda Road and Katella
Avenue. in Villa Park in December 1965. The location is a short distance north of where the previous photo was taken. The track crossing Katella Ave. is the SP Tustin Branch.

Photo courtesy Orange County Archives.

Steve photographed a wood sheathed CNW reefer next to new PFE mechanical at the Villa Park Orchards Association packing house in 1968. For more on the Villa Park packing house the see the Villa Park Packing House web page.

Steve Delano photo.

A little south of where the first photo was taken, the Tustin Branch crossed Santiago Creek on a steel girder bridge.
The next two photos show the bridge looking south, the first from track level and the second from ground level on the west side. At the south end of the bridge the track curved past Consolidated Rock Products (later renamed Conrock) on the left and Industrial Asphalt on the right, then straightened out and went toward Chapman Ave. and on to Tustin.

Steve Delano photos.

The southern part of the bridge was washed out during heavy rains in January-February 1969. The bridge was never rebuilt leaving the Tustin Branch severed. The photo below shows the muddy water in the rain-swollen Santiago Creek at the time of the washout.

Steve Delano photo.

Pacific Electric in Orange

Just after the Tustin Branch crossed the Santa Fe Olive Sub between Orange and Olive, a freight only Pacific Electric line left the Tustin Branch and ran south to a PE depot in Orange about a block west of the Santa Fe depot. It paralleled the Santa Fe tracks until after it crossed Walnut Avenue. Then it went through an S-curve to pass in front of the Santiago Orange Growers Association (later Villa Park Orchards Association) packing house located on Cypress Street. The Santa Fe and PE tracks are shown at the top and middle, respectively, in the map shown below, where north is to the right.

In the photo below, SP NW2 1950 crosses Walnut Avenue headed north, shortly after passing in front of the packing house.

Steve Delano photo.

South of the packing house he PE track ran down the center of Cypress Street for a short distance before turning again to the end of track at Chapman Avenue as shown in the map below.

Where the PE line crossed Maple Avenue, a spur ran into Barr Lumber Company (a site occupied by Anaconda Wire after Barr Lumber closed). Steve photographed the turnout for the spur in the Maple Avenue pavement, below. For more information on this interesting bit of PE trackage and the packing house see the Orange Packing House web page

Steve Delano photo.

Southern Pacific in Anaheim

Steve Delano photos, 1969.

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