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Fillmore (SP)

The Saticoy Lemon Association packinghouse is located between A Street and Orange Grove Street in Fillmore, CA on the ex-SP Santa Paula branch [see "Fillmore Lemon (Saticoy Lemon Assn. #2)" on map]. The stucco covered concrete structure was built in 1923 by the Fillmore Lemon Association. John Signor photographed the packing house in March 1980.

John Signor photo, used by permission.

Well known SP-modeler Robert Smaus also photographed the Saticoy Lemon Association packinghouse. Here's one of Bob's photos that's similar to the one above by John Signor (Photo-RS). 

Here's a view of the side of the packinghouse with the covered loading doors (Photo-RS) and a close-up view of the facade and lemon logo on the front of the building (Photo-RS). 

Bob also photographed a montage of circa-1920s black and white photos (Photo-RS), plus an enlargement of the photo showing the front and side of the packinghouse (Photo-RS). Robert Smaus photos, used by permission.

For updated photos of the Saticoy Lemon Association and other Fillmore packinghouses, as well as packinghouses in Santa Paula, Click Here.

Modeling the Saticoy Lemon Association Packing House

Bob wrote about modeling the packinghouse in HO scale in the article "Build a Sunkist packing plant" in the August 1991 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. Here's a photo of Bob's model.

Note the similarities to the color and black and white photos of the prototype. The model is condensed in size but otherwise faithful in architecture and details to the prototype structure. Here's another view (Photo-RS), plus a close-up of the modeled facade and lemon logo (Photo-RS). Robert Smaus photos, used by permission.

Finally, Bob provided two images of Fillmore labels, one from a lemon crate (Photo-RS) and one from an orange crate (Photo-RS). Robert Smaus images used by permission.

I photographed Bob Smaus' model in the early 1990s when it was on display in Santa Monica, CA (Photo-JL). As of September 2002, the packinghouse is in its permanent location on Bob's beautiful SP-inspired HO layout that depicts the Los Angeles and Fillmore areas (Photo-JL and Photo-JL). Box factories providing wooden packing crates were often found close to packing houses. The General Box Distributors is located just behind the Saticoy packinghouse on Bob's layout (Photo-JL and Photo-JL).

This photo shows the roof (Photo-JL), which Bob discovered had been modeled somewhat incorrectly based on evidence of a saw-tooth roof exposed by the 1994 Northridge earthquake (Photo-Robert Smaus).

To see more of Bob's excellent modeling, visit his web site. Additional information about the packinghouse can be found on the Saticoy Lemon Association web site.

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