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Riverside (ATSF, SP, UP, PE)

The National Orange Company Sunkist packing house, built in 1898, was said to be the oldest, continuously operating packing house in the US. The building was on the east side of Commerce Street at 6th Street and faced the Santa Fe main line through Riverside, about two blocks north of the station. The packing house is shown below as it appeared in 2000. Click on the photo to open a new web page with many additional photos and other information about the packing house.

James Lancaster Photo

There were many other interesting buildings along Commerce Street. Two are mentioned here. The building across 6th street to the north was at one time Lerner's Riverside Grain Milling Company (Photo-JL). This building at 4th Street was at one time used for kerosene storage by Standard Oil (Photo-JL). Both buildings were served by rail at one time.

I have many more photos of packing houses and other industrial buildings in Riverside. I will add them to the web page as time permits.

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