Historic Packing Houses, Packing Sheds and Other Industrial Structures
in Central and Northern California

Bakersfield to Stockton on the Southern Pacific

Copyright 2006 by James E. Lancaster, Ph.D.

Contributing Photographers:
Paul Ayers, Bob Chaparro, Gene Deimling, Keith Jordan, Jim Lancaster, Gene Martin, Bill Messecar,
Cliff Prather, Carl Rodolf, Joseph Stearns and John Signor.

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Last Updated January 23, 2010


The web page is organized alphabetically by location with the contributing photographer identified in parentheses for each photo or set of photos. The photos are viewable in a separate browser window by clicking on PhotoLink.

All images remain the property of the individual photographers and may not be used without permission.


  • The following two photos show the former Cipponeri Familiy Farms packing house in Atwater as it appeared in March 2008 (both photos by James Lancaster).


  • The following two photos show the D. M. Camp and Son potato shed in July 2006 (photos by James Lancaster). 


  • Union Ice Company, May 1994 (Bob Chaparro photo) PhotoLink


  • Brandy Warehouse, June 1992 (Bob Chaparro photo) PhotoLink 
  • The following photo shows the former brandy warehouse as it appeared in July 2006 (all photos by James Lancaster). 


  • Mendota Growers and Shippers, May 1995 (Bob Chaparro photo) PhotoLink


  • Cinderella Raisins, West Coast Growers and Packers, date not recorded (Bob Chaparro photo) PhotoLink
  • The following five photos show the former Cinderella Raisins facility as it appeared in July 2006. It is now a part of Sun-Maid Growers (all photos by James Lancaster). 


  • Former packing house, June 1992 (Bob Chaparro photo) PhotoLink


  • The following two photos show packing sheds near Weedpatch, September 2008 (James Lancaster photos)


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