Marty Quaas' Photos 
of Colton


Copyright 2009 by James E. Lancaster, Ph.D.

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All photos are by Marty Quaas and are Copyright 2009. They may not be used for any purpose without the permission of the photographer.

Photo Gallery

Santa Fe

December 1963.

The photos above and below were taken at the Valley Blvd crossing of the Santa Fe 3rd District tracks in Colton. The first photo is looking almost north toward the small UP facility with a good view of the still-in-use crossing tower. Note that the crossing has both a crossing gate and a wig-wag. Also note the control rods running from Colton Tower that were still in use.

The photo below shows the westbound Grand Canyon about to cross Valley Blvd with the wig-wag swinging.

December 1963.

January 1979.

Southern Pacific

Colton Yard and PFE facility, June 1964.  

The Colton depot and freight house are in the upper left of the photo above. The engine house and water tank are at the left center.

Close-up of the PFE Facility, June 1964.

Colton engine house and water tank, June 1964.

West end of Colton Yard, June 1964.

West end of Colton Yard, June 1964.

East end of Colton Yard, August 1964.

East end of Colton Yard, August 1964.

The last two photos from the east end of the Old Colton Yard show where Mt. Vernon Avenue crossed the SP at grade.  This area is now under an overpass.  Note the crossing guard sitting on a chair, the switch stand and lantern, the dirt pile on the derail track, the crew shack (the white building) and the Santa Ana River bridge. 

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