Historic Packing Houses and Other Industrial Structures
in Southern California

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   ATSF Third District & SP Riverside Branch
Highgrove, CA

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Early 1950s view looking north through Highgrove toward Colton amd San Bernardino. The Santa Fe depot is on the left and the track to the right of the depot is the San Jacinto branch. The double-tracked Third District main line curves to the left behind the depot. The street crossing the tracks is Center St. Just beyond Center St. on the right is an unnamed fruit packing house.
(John Signor collection)

A 1951 Sanborn map shows the unnamed fruit packing house with the notation

 The SP Riverside Branch also came through Highgrove and crossed Center St. (foreground) a couple of blocks east of the Santa Fe depot. There were two packing houses on the east side of the SP. One was the Highgrove Fruit Company and the other was L. V. W. Brown Estate. The California Citrus Cooperative, shown above in 2004, is the successor to L. V. W. Brown Estate.
(James Lancaster photo)

This view shows the east side of the California Citrus Cooperative with two wood bins. One is most likely a juice bin and the other a cull bin. (James Lancaster photo)

This view shows the west side of the California Citrus Cooperative. (James Lancaster photo)

This view shows the California Citrus Cooperative truck dock. (James Lancaster photo)

This close-up of the truck dock shows cartons of oranges waiting to be loaded. (James Lancaster photo)

This semi-trailer is loaded with juice or cull oranges. (James Lancaster photo)

This 2006 photo shows the east side of the California Citrus Cooperative with only one wood bin. The nearer one in the second and third photos above has been removed. (James Lancaster photo)

This close-up shows the remaining wood bin. (James Lancaster photo)

In this March 2008 photo a new bin has been added to the packing house. (James Lancaster photo)

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