Train Time in Riverside, CA in the Late 1950s

May 2008

My layout was open for an Orange County, CA layout tour on Saturday, May 17, 2008.  Since the layout was set up for the open house I used the opportunity to take a few photos of passenger trains passing through Riverside, CA (click here for a few details on how I'm modeling Riverside). The first is westbound Santa Fe Train No. 7, the Fast Mail Express. Every car in the consist represents a specific car or car type that actually operated on the train

Santa Fe

The first photo (below) shows the Fast Mail Express passing an A&P Super Market on the north side of Riverside.

Fe Fast Mail Express passes an oil distributor on the right (below).

The next view looks into the area along the SP tracks on the east side of the National Orange packing house as the
Fast Mail Express passes in the foreground. An SP passenger trains waits in the distance.

The RPO and the storage mail cars of #7 pass by a small orange grove (below).

The Alco PA and PB units cross 7th Street (below) followed by a Pennsy B60B baggage car and an REA express refrigerator.

A heavyweight mail storage car and RPO are next.

The RPO is followed by another heavyweight mail storage car.

Santa Fe lightweight baggage car 3430 is also in mail storage service (below). This car is from the original consist of the lightweight Super Chief. I saw this car in an eastbound Fast Mail consist passing through Pasadena in early 1963.

The last three cars of #7 are a NYC express boxcar (ex-troop sleeper), another lightweight baggage car, and a heavyweight chair car substituting for the usual baggage-rider combine.

Southern Pacific

The prototype SP did not operate passenger trains through Riverside. However, on my model railroad the SP-owned Los Angeles and San Diego Railroad has operating rights on the Santa Fe's 3rd district and operates Orange County sections of some of the Sunset and Golden State Route passenger trains. Here we see the westbound Orange County section of the Argonaut crossing 7th Street behind an A-B set of F7s. A PFE express reefer and a Harriman baggage-express car are behind the F-units.

The next photo shows a second baggage-express car and a pair of Harriman chair cars.

A 12-section heavyweight Pullman is on the rear of the train. Now that the two passenger trains have passed the Greyhound bus waiting on 7th Street can cross the tracks and continue its journey to Los Angeles.

Last update: 5/19/08