Layout Construction Progress

May 2008

These photos show the progress since March 2008. Most of the effort has been directed toward modeling the Riverside area of the layout. All of the photos were taken on May 6, 2008.

The first photo (below) is an overview of the Riverside area. Most of the buildings represent actual structures that existed along and near Pachappa Avenue in Riverside in the 1950s. I used Sanborn maps from 1951 to identify the buildings and their locations.

In the foreground is the E.T. Wall packing house that was located on a UP siding north of 3rd Street and west
of the ATSF-UP tracks to San Bernardino, CA (the curved tracks behind E.T. Wall). The prototype is shown in Keith Jordan's photos from 1987 and 1990 and my photo from 2002. The model packing house was kit-bashed from a Walthers Miranda's Bananas with an added sawtooth roof and a scratch-built cull bin. The streets that intersect behind the cull bin are Pachappa Avenue (going to the right in front of National Orange) and 6th Street (to the left along the side of National Orange).

Above E.T. Wall in the photo is a warehouse. It's in the location along 6th Street that should be Lerner's Riverside Grain & Milling but there was an actual furniture warehouse one block north on 5th St.  So I moved the warehouse to 6th Street. The model is made from a Thomas Yorke plaster kit that is based on an actual warehouse on G Street in San Bernardino, CA.  I've had the kit since the mid-1980s.  It just fit in this location.  The SP boxcar at the warehouse loading dock is on the SP tracks.

To the left of and behind the warehouse is Shell Oil.  It's in the same relative location to the warehouse as a Shell dealer shown on one of the Sanborn maps. Beyond Shell Oil are a market and a house. Next to the house is a quonset building.

The central structure in my version of Riverside is the National Orange packing house modeled after the actual building. Behind National Orange, across the SP tracks where the crane can be seen, is a scrap yard.  There are scrap yards in the same location now but in the 1950s there was an auto wrecking yard one block to the south. Behind the scrap yard are two buildings and across the street is a white church.  The latter is from a Walther's kit.  On the Sanborn maps I found a Free Methodist Church in the same relative location.

On the far right the large brick building represents the Alfred M. Lewis grocery warehouse that was further south on Pachappa Ave. Behind Alfred M. Lewis are a gas station (not visible) and the SP freight station.  

The large brick building in the distance is a movie theater from an old Con-Cor kit.  I found a movie theater on a Sanborn map located on 8th Street east of the SP station.

There's an orange grove on the hill at the right.  There are also more orange trees that aren't visible.

Some of the buildings described above are on three lift out sections that cover an access hole in the center of Riverside.

The next photo shows the same area but from a lower angle.

The next photo is from the north looking along the SP tracks. The sceneray is not yet complete. The building in front of the bus is temporary and will be replaced by a small house.

The next photo looks east along 6th Street.  The tracks in the foreground still need some ballast.

The photo below shows National Orange with 6th Street on the left and 7th Street on the right.

The next photo is looking east on 7th Street showing the Mobil gas station and the Mission theater.

The final photo shows the south end of the Alfred M. Lewis warehouse, the SP freight station and the loading dock. The freight station has signs on the roof that are similar to the signs shown in one of Jack Whitmeyer's photos. The loading dock has pieces of rail supporting the sides just like the prototype loading dock that still exists just south of 7th Street.

More photos next month....

Last update: 5/6/08