Layout Photo Gallery

June 2012

Copyright 2012 by James E. Lancaster

Notice: Photos may not be reused without permission.

The photos in Figures 1-7 were taken shortly after April 28, 2012 when the layout was open to visitors as part of a Model Railroads of Southern California Yahoo Group Orange County layout tour.


Figure 1. A UP streamliner approaches Center Street in Highgrove, CA in the mid-1950s.

Figure 2. Another view of Highgrove and a tractor dealer. The grain elevator is scratchbuilt using photos of a prototype grain elevator in Ducor, CA.  Click here to see the prototype photos.

Figure 3. The train's diner passes under Barton Road.


Figure 4. Looking down Park Ave. in Riverside between 6th and 7th Streets. Tracks of the SP Riverside Branch are at the far right. The Santa Fe's double track 3rd District main to San Bernardino is at the far left.


Figure 5. An SP NW2 waits on a PE spur for reefers to be iced near Arlington.


Figure 6. A Greyhound bus stops at a store front depot.

Figure 7. The Olive-Chapman Citrus Exchange

Orange Trees Near Riverside

My orange trees start as commercial Woodland Scenics trees. I add ground foam to give them irregular shapes similar to what I've seen in southern and central California orange groves (click here for photos). Woodland Scenics oranges are added after a light coat of 3-M spray adhesive.

Figure 8. Orange trees on the east side of Riverside. The track is not yet ballasted in this area.

Figure 9. Orange trees and a smudge pot.

Figure 10. Orange trees, a grower on a tractor, and his house.

Figure 11. More orange trees and the grower's house.

Other Photos

Figure 12. New Accurail FGE reefers.

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