Layout Construction Progress

June 2008

These photos show the progress from early May 2008 to June 25, 2008. Most of the effort during this period has been directed toward modeling the area of the layout between Chapman, along the north wall of the train room, and Corona, on the center peninsula, and adding an upper deck above Chapman and Villa Park (for specific locations of named places on the layout go to the track plan).

For a long time I've planned for an upper deck above Chapman.  The upper deck is now in place and is shown in the photo below. It will be the site for Highgrove and will have separate AT&SF/UP and SP tracks. There are currently no tracks or scenery.

Adding the upper deck required a long, 2% grade from Riverside at 52.5" above the floor to Highgrove at 59.5".  Part of the grade is hidden behind a low backdrop that has the profile of hills. The other part of the grade is on the second level. A large 3-dimensional hill hides the transition from the backdrop to the upper level.

The next photo shows the upper deck above Villa Park. I inserted a view block on the lower deck between Chapman (out of view at the right) and Villa Park (left). The view block helps separate the wide upper deck fascia at the left from the narrower fascia to the right.

The main line
track goes through the viewblock. The backside of the view block is not normally visible and the highway overpass somewhat hides the opening for the track on the visible side.

The next photo (below) is an overview of the Villa Park Orchards Association packing house at Villa Park. At the lower left is a dry creek bed.

This is a lower-angle view of Villa Park.

The following photo is a close-up view of the Villa Park Orchards Association packing house, the highway overpass and the view block. That's Chapman behind the view block.

The next two photos show the dry creek bed. Although the bridge has been in place for many years the rest of this area has just been plywood and a sheet of foam.

The next photo shows the cut and the hill that provides the transition to the upper deck. 

This next view looks at the cut from the opposite direction. The low backdrop with the hilly profile is on the left. A double track main line between Riverside and Highgrove is behind the backdrop. The upper deck is visible in the distance.

The next view shows the small fruit packing shed at Prado. The track curving to the left goes to Corona. The lower track disappearing into the cutout in the backdrop goes to San Diego. I haven't yet decided how I might disguise the cutout.

The next photo shows the chaparral-covered hill between Prado and Corona. This view is from the Prado side.

The photo below shows the same hill as in the previous photo but from the Corona side of the curve. The poplar trees in the foreground provide a break between the Chapman to Corona track at the base of the hill and the Corona to Riverside tracks that are on the near side of tthe trees (but not visible). Riverside is on the opposite side of the view block on the left (see the May progress report).

The next photo shows how the line of poplar trees helps to separate the tracks in the foreground (Corona to Riverside) from the tracks behind the trees (Chapman to Corona) and the LA&SD West Corona engine house. Thirteen of twenty five poplar trees are visible in the photo.  At one time there was a two foot high, double-sided backdrop where the trees are but I didn't like how it blocked the view of one side of the locomotive facility so I removed it.

The last two photos look across the west end of the LA&SD's Corona yard to the hills of Santa Ana Canyon in the distance.

In the final photo a Santa Fe local freight heads down the canyon. A zebra-stripe RS-1 on the head end and a wood caboose on the rear book-end a 100% AT&SF consist.

Adding the scenery around Villa Park and along Santa Ana Canyon (the west side of the layout) has made a big difference in the appearance of the layout. There is still a lot of work to but the layout is looking much better. It will be open on tours for the Santa Fe Riverside Convention (Sunday July 13, 2008), the NMRA Anaheim Convention (Tuesday and Thursday, July 15 and 17) and the NMRA LDSIG (Wednesday, July 16).

More to come ....

Last update: 6/26/08