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November 2008

Copyright 2008 by James E. Lancaster

This gallery of photos show the Los Angeles and San Diego Railroad's six-car South Coast Sunbeam passing through Orange County on its way to San Diego in the early 1960s as well as a mid-1960s local freight.

The South Coast Sunbeam is first seen emerging from behind the Villa Park Orchards Association (VPOA) in Villa Park. Motive power on this day is a trio of EMD F-units. The sequence of six photos shows the complete train as it passes.
A diner-observation, still in Daylight colors, is on the rear of the train. BAR reefers, such as the one spotted at the packing house, were often seen in the west during the season when they were not needed in the northeast. PFE reefers also went east for the Maine potato rush. Click here for a photo by Cliff Prather showing a BAR reefer being spotted at the prototype VPOA packing house in 1971.

The next view looks back at the packing house from the rear of the diner-observation.

The next two photos show the train entering the San Diego line at Marlboro.

The final two photos show the diner-observation passing through Marlboro. Note the Sunbeam drumhead on the rear of the car.

During the spring of 1965 PFE received new R-70-15 mechanical reefers from Pacific Car & Foundry. Here we see one of the new 57' reefers on an early revenue trip behind a U-25B and a black widow F7. Behind the reefer are a pair of empty beet gons. 

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