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the Union Pacific in Riveride


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All photos are by Marty Quaas and are Copyright 2009. They may not be used for any purpose without the permission of the photographer.

Photo Gallery

The first five photos show Geep 270 with the Crestmore local on the Rohr branch in December 1964. Marty wrote,
"The first three photos are on the Rohr Branch which takes off from the UP just east of the Santa Ana River bridge.  I think that now the branch has been cut back to where it no longer crosses Arlington Ave. and Van Buren Ave." [Editorial note: As of 3/16/09 the Google Maps Street View shows the track ending at the northeast corner of the intersection of  Arlington Ave. and Van Buren Ave.]

"After switching the Rohr plant, the Crestmore local (engine and 1 car) returned to the junction.  Just prior to the junction, they stopped, set the hand brakes on the car and uncoupled from it.  The engine then pulled forward into the short stub track (first photo below).  the hand brakes were then released on the car and it rolled down hill past the stub the engine was on (second photo below).  The engine then backed back out and coupled on to the car and shoved it on out to the junction and picked up the rest of the cars which had been left there."

"After picking up the other five cars and caboose, the train headed west over the Santa Ana River toward Pedley (next two photos, also December 1964).  I knew the bridge as the Salt Lake Bridge as it was built by the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad.  At least in later years, the 1980s, there were two Crestmore trains, the Colton Crestmore and the LA Crestmore.  As far as I know, they usually met around Mira Loma and exchanged cars.  I do not know if this was also true in the 1960s.  The Crestmore also served the branch which went along Etiwanda Avenue where the packing shed was located at Dixon."

The winter of 1968-69 brought heavy rains to Sourthern California. For a view of the bridge shown above, after a heavy rain in April 1969, click here for another of Marty's photos.

Streeter (West Riverside), July 1966.

The photo of the eastbound City of Los Angeles-Challenger-City of St. Louis, above, was taken from Nichols Park on the west side of Riverside.

UP Riverside depot, April 1971.

Amtrak began operating on May 1, 1971 and after that the UP depot no longer served any passenger trains. The depot has been preserved but the UP tracks in the pavement have been mostly removed.

UP Riverside freight house, February 1980.

The freight house has been demolished.

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