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All photos are by Marty Quaas and are Copyright 2009. They may not be used for any purpose without the permission of the photographer.

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Riverside Santa Fe depot in April, 1971.

Riverside Santa Fe depot in April, 1971. At the far right is a Santa Fe sign on 7th Street. The image below zooms in on the sign.

Santa Fe sign on 7th Street, April 1971

Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca depot, February 1965.

Marty Quaas wrote, "The photo of the Casa Blanca depot was taken not long before it was torn down.  The man on the right was the agent who was about to retire and the man on the left was my uncle Julius Enderud who worked at the Citrus Experiment Station for 40 years.  He was big into grafting and budding oranges and used to teach classes to growers and whoever else wanted to learn how to do it."


Perris depot, April 1965. The train is a special operated to the Ramona Pageant.


Patton depot, March 1965.

Patton depot, March 1970.

Weld on the top of the rail near the Patton depot, March 1965. 
The weld was possibly an aid for improving electrical contact
and activating a crossing signal.

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