Mission Road Coach Yard - Part 1

Los Angeles, California

Early 1950s

Photography by Lou Cross

The following photos of heavyweight and lightweight passengers cars at the Mission Road Coach Yard in Los Angeles in the early 1950s were taken by Lou Cross, a custom builder of O-scale passenger cars.

1. Pullman 8-1-2 sleeper Des Plaines (Plan 3979A; Diagram 25; Lot 6283; built Aug-Sep 1929; became SP #8260; sold 9/60*). The background in this photo is as interesting as the Pullman. Note what appears to be the end of a solarium above the two-tone gray 10-6 sleeper.

2. Pullman 12-1 sleeper McKimm (Plan 3410; Diagram 5; Lot 4844; built Jan-Mar 1925; became SP #8323; sold 9/60*). (Close-up View)

Ken Clark has provided an additional black and white photo of the opposite side of the McKimm taken by Wil Whittaker on 9-18-54. The doors have a single pane window indicating at least a minor rebuilding after the color photo was taken. (Whittaker Photo)

3. "American Flyer" chair car SSW 200. This car became SP 2702 in July, 1954, then SP 2350 in October 1954. In the late 1950s it was assigned to the Owl and painted two-tone gray. (Close-up View)

Photos 2 and 3 are of cars in the same train. It has just come through the car washer. Note the Pacific Electric express cars in the background of both photos.

4. This Harriman diner is flanked by two interesting cars: an "American Flyer" chair car on the left and a solarium on the right.

5. "American Flyer" chair car SSW 203. This car became SP 2703 in July, 1954, then SP 2351 in October 1954, then T&NO 464 in November 1960, and finally SP 2351 again before being scrapped in August 1964.

6. Harriman chair car SP 2080, a 72-C-1 with space for a news agent. It was built in 1923.

Photos 4, 5 and 6 are of cars in the same train, which, like that in photos 2 and 3, has just been pulled through the car washer. SP 2080 is still wet.

7. The Lark is pulled into the coach yard.

8. Two brightly painted Golden State Limited sleepers contrast with the more somber colors of the Lark. (Close-up View)

9. Golden State Limited diner Golden Chalice.

* The heavyweight Pullman car information was provided by Ken Clark, Kenneth Harrison and Jeff Cauthen.

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