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Escondido (ATSF)

The Escondido Orange Association packing plant was built in 1934-35 on the northwest side of the city. It was served by the Santa Fe branch line that originated in Oceanside on the Los Angeles-to-San Diego mainline. Details on this packing house were obtained from the Library of Congress Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) web site (see below).

The packing house, last operated by Paramount Citrus Association under the name Cal Fame, was located on West Mission Avenue.



The following photos show the complex from all sides: (1) the front (north side) of the packing house from the northwest, with a 1972 addition of culling bins on the right (Photo-HH); (2) a close-up of the cull bin on the west side (Photo-HH); (3) the rear (south side) of the complex, including an icehouse on the east side (Photo-HH); (4) the southeast corner (Photo-HH); (5) the loading doors on the east side (Photo-HH); and (6) the northeast corner at the front of the building (Photo-HH).

The HABS/HAER photos were taken in April 1991 by H. J. "Jim" Kolva. Additional information about the Escondido Orange Association packing house, including an extensive history and more photos, is available from the Library of Congress HABS/HAER web site (Escondido Orange Association Data Set).

Cliff Prather Photos - September 1975
Right side of packing house.

Center of packing house.
Left side of packing house (right) with ice house at left rear.

Keith Jordan Photos - August 1987

Rear of packing house.

Ice house.

Ice house.

Cliff Prather Photo - January 1990

Packing house (left) and ice house (right).

Jim Lancaster Photos - 2003

By 2003 the only part that could still be photographed was the former ice house.

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