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Yorba Linda (PE)

The Yorba Linda Citrus Association packing house was southwest of the intersection of Yorba Linda Blvd and Imperial Highway, just a short distance east of the birthplace of President Richard Nixon. In fact, according to an article titled "Dick Nixon's Orange County" by Joel Beers at OCWeekly.com, the president-to-be's mother Hannah worked in the packing house after his father Frank's investment in a lemon grove went sour.

The packing house has recently been reincarnated as a commercial center called Packing House Square. Again quoting Beers, it "has been renovated into a tastefully designed, open-air office building, complete with what appears to be the original angled ceiling. But pictures of old-time Yorba Linda hang on the walls along with a couple of Nixon family portraits. It's not exactly a monument to history, but it's something, an indication that once upon a time, this place was something other than a home for chiropractors' offices and a 24-Hour Fitness gym."

Here's a view of the northwest corner of the former packing house looking across Yorba Linda Blvd.

James Lancaster photo.

This next view, from the lower level parking lot, shows the southwest corner.

James Lancaster photo.

Note the packing house sign built into the wall near the corner of the building on the second floor. Here's a close-up view of the sign (Photo-JL).

Beers mentioned the old photos inside the building. I tried photographing some of them but they are behind glass and the photos picked up a lot of reflected light. These two aerial views show the packing house just as the conversion to a commercial building was beginning to take place. The first photo is from the south, with Yorba Linda Blvd on the far side of the building,

and the second photo is from the west, with Yorba Linda Blvd at the left.

James Lancaster photos of old photos
in Packing House Square.

A final photo (unfortunately with considerable reflected light) shows the Pacific Electric track running alongside the building, circa 1920s (Photo-JL). 

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