Layout Construction Progress

September 2007

I'm working on the layout to get it ready for the NMRA National Convention in Anaheim, CA in July 2008. These photos will document my progress. The first photos show the Riverside, CA part of the layout.

The photos on the National Orange web page provide a look at quite a few details around the National Orange packing house in Riverside, CA.  For example, Keith Jordan's Figure 2 shows how the tracks along Pachappa Ave were imbedded in the pavement and also shows a manhole cover in the pavement (there were actually two manhole covers in the original photo - one was cropped out).

I'm trying to partially replicate the prototype scene along Pachappa Ave on my layout.  I recently finished a 52", two-block condensed version with the imbedded tracks and the manhole covers.

This photo shows the tracks in front of National Orange (currently a mock-up that is the same size as the YesterYear Models kit that will replace it).  The manhole covers are at the lower left.  They are from Blair Line and are printed on adhesive backed paper. They look pretty good with a little weathering. The simulated asphalt pavement was made by making a form out of N-scale cork roadbed, pouring first an almost liquid mixture of water and patching plaster, followed by a similar mixture of Woodland Scenics Smooth-it, followed by a top surface of joint compound. The surface was sanded, painted with a charcoal gray latex paint and weathered with some Bragdon tan-colored powder. The track is code 83 and the flangeways were cleared by rolling a freight car truck along the track while the plaster and joint compound were still somewhat soft followed by a further scraping with an Exacto knife. I've left the pavement somewhat rough to try to match the prototype photos. Photo date: 9/13/07.

This photo shows three SFRD reefers spotted in front of National Orange. Photo date: 9/13/07.

This photo looks across Seventh Street toward National Orange and shows the crossing tower that will be located at Seventh Street. There was a similar, prototype crossing tower in Riverside but it was at Eighth Street (see the last photo on the web page). Sixth Street is on the far side of National Orange. Photo date: 9/13/07.

This close-up photoshows the Seventh Street crossing of the Santa Fe mainlines and a UP siding (nearest track in photo) in Riverside. The pavement was made the same way as described for Pachappa Ave. It was also left a little rough to match some real asphalt paving I've seen around railroad tracks. However, since it represents a fairly busy crossing I might have to fill some of the "pot holes." There's still a lot of work to be done at the crossing (striping, etc.) and along Seventh Street to the east. Photo date: 9/13/07.

The next photo shows my version of the Alfred M Lewis grocery warehouse.  The model was built to represent a brick bakery by Kevin Barnett of Corona, CA.  He tore his layout down so he could change to On30 and I bought the building from him.  It just fit the space I had allocated for the Lewis warehouse. Photo date: 9/13/07.

The last photo in this set shows two boxcars spotted in front of the Alfred M Lewis grocery warehouse. Photo date: 9/13/07.