Indio, California

January, 1976

Photos Copyright 1998 by James E. Lancaster

On the day the Freedom Train, behind GS4 4449, left Southern California for the east, my family and I followed it from West Colton to Niland, California. Driving through Indio I spotted this old reefer body. On the way back I stopped to photograph it.

The outline of the circular herald indicates it is possibly an ex-PFE body. Tony Thompson says it could be an R-30-12 or -13.

The reefer sat next to a concrete loading dock with an SP spur on the far side. It would make a nice modeling project using a Red Caboose PFE body.

An electrical line ran into the body and it had a set of lights above the door.

I had intended to take more than two photos but unfortunately the property owners weren't overly hospitable.

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