Gary Hoover's
HO Scale Santa Fe Model Railroad

Copyright 2004 by James E. Lancaster
Photos by the Author

In 2001 Gary Hoover demolished his freelanced layout and began building a new layout depicting scenes on the Santa Fe. The endpoints are Chicago and San Bernardino. In between will be scenes of Wooten Ranch on Raton Pass, Victorville, Frost, Cajon Summit and Cajon. The trackwork, including extensive staging and reversing loops, is essentially complete. The scenery for Cajon Summit and Cajon is complete as is most of the Dearborn Station area.

I had the opportunity to visit Gary's layout in early May 2004. The following galleries provide photos showing the progress to date. [Note: The original photos were taken with a point-and-shoot camera and are not as sharp as I would have liked. I have used Photoshop to bring out some of the details but this tends to sometimes give the image a slightly artificial look.]


The two photos above show Cajon, which is part way up the west side of Cajon Pass. 


This view shows Cajon Summit looking across the wye with the Descanso on the hill beyond the locomotive.  

The locomotive is stopped in front of the station after helping an eastbound freight to the summit.

This view shows the agent's houses and the bunkhouse. The track behind the station was used to spot water cars and to hold a caboose while a helper locomotive moved out of the way.  

When the helper was in the clear the caboose was rolled down the inclined track and onto the main where it coupled to the rear of its train. This action is replicated on Gary's layout in a totally 'hands free' operation.


The two views above show the overall Dearborn Station area. 

This view looks across the station tracks. The Super Chief headend cars are in the foreground. Behind the baggage car is a Santa Fe Alco RS-1 used as a terminal switcher. Beyond that are a Chicago and Eastern Illinois passenger car and a Chicago and Western Indiana switcher, also an RS-1. The Santa fe freight house is just in front of the backdrop. 

The three views above show the station platform covers, trainshed and Railway Express Agency facilities.

The final view shows the west side of the station. 

Note: Gary had not started building the San Bernardino end of the layout when I visited him in May 2004.