GN Western Star at Seattle's King Street Station
July 1967

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The following photos were taken at Seattle's King Street Station late on a summer afternoon in 1967. The cars for the 10:00 PM departrue of the Western Star were brought into the station in parts folllowing the departure of the Empire Builder for Chicago and the Afternoon International for Vancouver BC. On this particular day the rear section from the diner to the observation car were brought in first. Then the headend cars and coaches were brought in and placed on the departure track. ln the early evening the rear section was joined with the forward section and mail storage and express cars were added to the rear of the train. Finally, about 8:45 in the evening the last mail storage cars were brought up from the Post Office Terminal Annex and added to the train. In addition to its normal consist of GN cars, on this particular day the train included one SP sleeper and two UP sleepers for a tour group.

This view is looking northeast into the station showing the three tour cars in the Western Star consist. They are an SP 4-4-2 sleeper, a UP 6-4-6 National-series sleeper and, on the far right, the vestibule of a UP 10-6 Pacific
-series sleeper. The five cars on the far left are the rear section of the NP Mainstreeter that will depart prior to the Western Star, headed south toward Auburn, Washington. The
Mainstreeter cars, from nearest to farthest, are a Slumbercoach, two ex-M-K-T lightweight stainless steel coaches with NP dark green window bands and roofs, an NP lightweight coach in conventional Loewy two-tone green, and an NP lightweight baggage car. For a closer look at the Mainstreeter cars, click here. (The close-up image was created by zooming in on the original scan of the slide. As a result it's a little fuzzy.)

This view shows the opposite side of the rear section of the train. From right to left the cars are a GN diner, a GN sleeper, an SP 4-4-2 sleeper, a UP 6-4-6 sleeper, a UP 10-6 sleeper and the GN observation 1294, Trempealeau Mountain.

The head end of the Western Star has been spotted in the station on the track from which the train will depart at 10:00 PM (GN trains for the east left the station headed north through a tunnel under downtown Seattle). From right to left the cars are two baggage cars for mail and express, a heavyweight 60' RPO, a 60-seat coach 1113 and a 48-seat Day-Nite coach 1121.

If I took any more photos of the train that day I have been unable to find them. If I didn't take more, well, shame on me!

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