Freight Train Photo Gallery

Ferndale, Washington in the Mid-20th Century

By James E. Lancaster, PhD.

Copyright 2009. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are by the author.
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Most of the black and white photos in this gallery were taken with a Kodak Brownie camera that used 620 film. The quality varies greatly. The s have been run through photoshop with varying results. The photos were taken between 1950 and 1952.

The Steam Era

Freight trains were handled by 3200-Class 2-8-2 Mikados until 1952 when they were replaced by four new two-unit sets of F7As, numbered 271-274. 

My friends Mike Wheeler (left) and Gary Thompson are shown talking to the engineer of Mikado 3213.  

The Diesel Era

The first southbound freight of the day, First 711, has arrived Ferndale and has stopped on the long passing siding for a meet with the northbound Afternoon International. This photo was taken shortly after A-A sets of F7s had replaced the 2-8-2 steam engines on the freight trains.  The F7 sets were numbered 271-274. The building at the right is the I.O.O.F hall.  

This is another view of the same train as above. The building at the right is Keith's Grocery.

The northbound Afternoon International passes by First 711 as it waits on the passing track.

Having completed its meet with the Afternoon International, First 711 leaves Ferndale and can be seen stretched along the broad curve crossing Second Street in the left distance. The cars in the foreground are waiting on Washington Street for the long train to pass. Two box cars are spotted at Pynor Feed on the right. The loading dock is at the left.

On another day 272 holds the main as it rolls by the depot, too fast to be captured without blurring by my Kodak Brownie camera.

Sometimes diesels other than 272, 273 or 274 would show up on one of the freight trains. Here FT 404, a permanently coupled A-B set, is the power for northbound First 712.

A closer look at the front of FT 404.

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Jim Lancaster

Tustin, CA

Created: April 16, 2009