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Photo Gallery

Near Mormon Rocks

June 1964.

June 1964. Same helper set as in previous photo.

June 1964.

Above Cajon

April 1965.

Do you think the lone reefer is loaded with supplies for Chard Walker and his family? Or maybe for a group of railfans spending some time at Summit?

Santa Claus Special from Riverside to Summit

Marty wrote:

"Back when the UP was still in the passenger business, every year the Riverside Plaza would charter a train to take the little kiddies from Riverside up to Summit, pick up Santa and return. They would load on the UP main between Magnolia and Riverside Avenues. 

"The power for this trip was GP9s and at least one had a steam generator in the short hood, the silver stack.  The first picture is the train going up through Pine Lodge.  The second, they are doing their run around at Summit.

"I think it was the following year that my first wife and I volunteered to be chaperones.  It was a train ride, but there were about 75 kiddies on our car and all I did was pass water cups to every one of them little darlings for the whole trip.
"The third picture is at summit while they were doing the run around.  Just think, those little faces are all in their 50's today."

The Santa Claus special climbs Cajon Pass through Pine Lodge behind five GP9s (two cabs and three B-units) in December 1964.

Boiler-equipped Geep 297 leads its four mates around the special at Summit. Note the stack for the steam generator.

Children aboard the Santa Claus Special eye the photographer.

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