Auburn WA

1952 or 1953

Copyright 2010 by James E. Lancaster, Ph.D.

Page created February 9, 2010

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I took this photo in 1952 or 53 with my first camera - a Kodak Brownie box camera. I think I was standing just south of the Auburn WA NP depot, close to the wye for the line to East Auburn and Stampede Pass. I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Auburn and we would visit them about every three months. We lived in Ferndale WA on the GN and the visits to Auburn gave me a chance to see trains I normally didn't see. My favorite was the eastbound Mainstreeter at East Auburn about 10:00 PM. A connecting train from Tacoma was pulled by a steam engine and had a baggage car and a coach.

The train in the photo was either the daytime local from Seattle to Spokane or the noon pool train from Seattle to Portland. As far as I can tell from looking through old photos this may have been the only photo I took in Auburn.

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