2005 Photos

The Santa Fe Fast Mail leaves Chapman headed for Fullerton and Los Angeles.

The baggage-chair-rider car passes the Chapman station. Compare these two photos of the Fast Mail with the first four photos in the original photo section above. Note that the lower level backdrop has been moved back about four inches to allow for shallow structures to be placed between the rearmost Chapman siding and the backdrop.

There was a small Sunkist packing house served by the LA&SD between Marlboro and Corona. [This structure has been replaced].

At the west end of Corona the LA&SD serves a small industrial area next to the locomotive servicing facility. The track bumper is at the west end of the Corona yard lead.

An eastbound UP Streamliner and an eastbound LA&SD Daylight are stopped at the Corona station.

The UP Streamliner consist includes a heavyweight 10-1-2 Pullman in use as a dormitory.

The new Riverside extension from the south looking northeast. The siding on the left is a Santa Fe track serving the west side of National Orange. The siding on the right is an SP track that serves the east side of National Orange. The tall palm trees are a long time Riverside signature.

The new Riverside extension looking east. That's an exact size mock-up of the National Orange packing house that will be built from a YesterYear Models kit. It is a large structure.

Here's a closer view.

The new Riverside extension from the north looking southeast. The code 100 trackwork is temporary and was installed to provide a continuous loop (the mainline currently curves back to Corona) during the September 2005 NMRA-PSR layout tour. The final track plan will be similar but there will be additional sidings, the track will be code 83 and the main line will continue up a 2% grade along the back of the layout to an upper deck.